Okay, not really!

The "MissingOtherHalf" site is actually a parody website created to tie in with the Bound and Determined universe, a fanfiction series written by Cesare and Helens.

It was specifically designed to tie in with Chapter 35 of "Unbound", in which Erik tries finding his soulmate by using the oldest known website that helps match people who have lost their soulmates with one another. Needless to say, this does not work. XD

If you found your way here, we salute your curiosity, and hope you enjoyed your stroll down memory lane... if it was memory lane, ahem. (Readers who remember the internet circa 1996 will, we hope, have laughed themselves silly over this site; readers who do not, take our word for it, this is what it looked like. Both of us had websites in the late '90s, and they looked much, much worse than this.)

All advice and testimonials on this website are completely fictional! We do not have any suggestions for people who want to find their soulmates in the real world. :) We do suggest that if your search causes you to run across a website from 1996, complete with hideous backgrounds, unreadable color schemes, and blink tags, you run the other way. XD

The books listed in Helpful Hints are all real (as you can see by the Amazon pages we linked to). We haven't read any of them and definitely don't actually recommend them, nor are they our favorites!

There is no such thing as Missing Other Half, Inc. (possibly a good thing), and yes, it hurt Helens's soul a little to write "all rights reserved" on all these pages.

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