Peace, relaxation, calm... they are THE KEY to finding YOUR SOULMATE! No matter how hard it is, no matter how long you've been searching, DON'T GIVE UP! You need a tranquil mind and heart to find YOUR SOULMATE!

Eat right, SLEEP WELL!

If your in good health YOUR SOULMATE will be drawn to you! Make sure to eat fruits and vegetables, and sleep for at least eight hours a day! Many people have reported that they felt their soulmates most first thing in the morning and last thing at night... so stay in bed a little longer in the morning, and go to bed a little earlier at night, to feel YOUR SOULMATE the most!!

Avoid Phony "Supplaments"!!

Those "supplaments" you find at truck stops and pharmacies... THEY DON'T WORK!!! We've heard it a thousand times. The really famous ones are nothing but chemicals... polluting your mind and keeping your from finding YOUR SOULMATE!! Take a reputable multivitamin instead! If you really think you need supplaments, try ginseng and St. John's Wort. Don't drink, don't smoke, stay hydrated. You want to be healthy when YOUR SOULMATE comes to find you!!

Get out of the House... or OFF the Bus!

If you're at home, get out of the house! Don't just go to the same grocery store every time... try a new one on the other side of town! YOUR SOULMATE might just be miles away! If you're on a seeker trip, don't stay on the bus all the time. Plan some excursions! See some sights! Most buslines try to stop near landmarks and places of interest! YOUR SOULMATE might be sightseeing eirself!!

Psionic Schmionic!!

Those roadside "psionics" who say they can direct you to your soulmate are ALL FAKES, or why would they be working on the side of a highway? Think about it! YOUR SOULMATE doesn't need you to pay good money to a psychic or a phony! You just need to be yourself!

Some Books We Like...

Here are some authors who REALLY KNOW what they're talking about!! We recommend the following:

* MissingOtherHalf does not guarantee results from these books, they are just our favorites!